Started in California in 2018, the Zoyer brand is a leader in the manufacture and sales of medical-grade protective gear and consumables.

Its products span the fields of medical, daily use, and sports and fitness. Zoyer is built upon the idea that life stops for nothing. It is that which drives our team to build and sell products that keep people’s lives moving. Dating back to the early 1980s, Zoyer had already begun as a professional manufacturer specializing in medical elastic bandages. Now, the company integrates everything from knitting, sewing, cutting, packaging to sterilization equipment. And, using its research experience in textiles and pressure fabrics, developed high-quality protective gear products. 

Over the years, it has assisted more than 20 international brands to manufacture protective gear and medical consumables to be sold all over the world. Now Zoyer's products cover daily health care, sports protection, high-intensity fitness training, medical aides, and many more.

Varying levels of protection are offered for different needs. In use are special materials developed in cooperation with professional textile research institutions that are more comfortable, safer, and suit customers of all types. Looking forward, Zoyer will continue to invest in new and innovative ways to support its customers’ needs.